Steven Horsford - On the Issues

Steven Horsford will cut through the chaos and distractions coming out of Washington to deliver on the issues that matter for all of us. In the State Senate and Congress, he fought to improve health care, fund education, invest in clean energy, and more.


Steven will fight for Nevadans to receive the benefits we have earned and the services we deserve. In Congress, he secured $1.5 million for his constituents. From Social Security or veterans’ benefits, to grants for public safety vehicles, to taking on the big banks to help folks stay in their homes, Steven has a record that shows he can get things done.  


Making Health Care and Prescriptions More Accessible and Affordable

Steven believes that health care is a right, not a privilege, and he will fight to make health care accessible and affordable. In 2013, he underwent heart surgery. Steven received the medical attention he needed, but he knows many Nevadans are struggling to afford health care and medications. He will work to improve the Affordable Care Act to ensure that quality health care is available for all of us, and stand up against Republican efforts to strip health care away from thousands of Nevadans. He will also work to make prescription medications more affordable and recently announced an Affordable Prescription Plan to reduce the skyrocketing price of lifesaving medications.

Improving Education in Nevada

Steven will fight to properly fund our schools, from Pre-K through high school and college, so that every student in every school can succeed. As Nevada Senate Majority Leader, he helped ensure the state’s budget shortfall did not result in drastic cuts to our classrooms or hurt our students. Now, we must do more to equip our children with the education and skills they need to compete. Working with parent and community organizations, we must demand that all of our schools receive the resources and quality teachers every child needs to learn. We must also ensure that Betsy DeVos, Secretary for the Department of Education, does not slash funding from critical programs or protections for our children.

Creating Jobs & Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Workforce development is Steven’s passion and he is committed to fighting for working families. He supports raising the minimum wage and protecting retirement plans and pensions. He will always advocate for legislation and programs that help Nevadans get the skills they need to succeed and expand their business ownership opportunities. As the leader of the Culinary Academy and Nevada Partners for more than a decade, he helped thousands of Nevadans prepare for new professions and placed thousands in good-paying jobs. And, in 2014, he started his own small business focused on creating job training opportunities for underserved communities.

Advancing Women’s Rights

Steven will fight for women’s rights. He supports equal pay so that women receive the same pay as their male peers for the same work, and, in Congress, he co-sponsored H.R. 377, the Paycheck Fairness Act, to prohibit wage discrimination based on gender. He has always supported reproductive freedom, including a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions, and access to all reproductive healthcare options, and paid family leave. In Congress, he also co-sponsored the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act as well as legislation to investigate, prevent, and reduce sexual assault incidents in the Armed Forces.

Protecting Retirement and Seniors

Steven will fight to protect Seniors and their quality of life in their golden years. He will fight to protect and expand Social Security benefits, stop attempts to voucherize Medicare and prevent all attempts to raise the retirement age. He will advocate for increased funding for long-term caregiving options that serve those with additional needs. He will also support other senior programs, including support for caregivers and home-delivered meals, providing our aging populations with the opportunities to remain independent and living at home.

Ending the Gun Violence Epidemic

Steven will fight to expand background checks and ban bump stocks. He supports reinstating the assault weapons ban. He lost his father to gun violence at a young age, and, as a parent, he wants for every child what he wants for his own--for them to be safe at school and in our communities.

Fighting for Immigration Reform

In 2013, Steven was one of five original cosponsors of H.R.15, the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act. This comprehensive immigration reform package would have funded border security and provided a pathway to citizenship. Steven will continue to work to pass immigration reform and strengthen Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) and other protections for young people. Steven will fight for Dreamers and families caught in a broken immigration system.

Advocating for Clean Energy, Conservation, and the Environment

Steven will fight to protect our air, water, land, and wildlife and address the climate crisis. In Congress, Steven led on legislation to protect our parks and public lands, including bills that designated the Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument and the Wovoka Wilderness. As Nevada Senate Majority Leader, he led the passage the largest increase in the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard as well as the Clean Energy Jobs Initiative to expand our clean energy economy and ensure Nevadans were able to succeed in these emerging careers.   

Defending Our Democracy

Steven will fight to protect our democracy.  He will work to strengthen the Voting Rights Act and other policies that expand voter participation, including automatic and same-day voter registration measures. He also supports legislation to overturn Citizens United. In Congress, he co-sponsored H.R. 20, The Government By The People Act, to tackle the problems stemming from the influence of money in our politics.

Addressing Housing Affordability and Homelessness

Many Nevadans are still underwater in their homes, and many others cannot access affordable housing. Steven will advocate for legislation to provide relief for homeowners who were able to stay in their home but lost equity during the recession, and he will fight for funding and programs that create affordable housing alternatives in Nevada.

Investing in Transportation and Infrastructure

Steven will fight for all communities in the 4th District and make sure they are well-positioned to take full advantage of expanded transportation and infrastructure projects. He co-chaired the bipartisan I-11 caucus when he was in Congress, connecting Las Vegas and Phoenix by interstate and laying the groundwork for a network to stretch from Canada to Mexico. He also advocated for additional road projects, including finishing the 215 in Clark County, and he will work to secure additional resources to invest in public transportation to reduce traffic congestion and pollution in our community. 

Serving Veterans and Military Families

Steven will deliver for veterans and military families, especially those at military installations in the 4th District. In Congress, he helped secure $78.5 million for Nellis Air Force Base, and he will continue to fight for the resources needed to prepare our men and women in uniform and ensure their families have access to great education and 

support services.

Steven will always fight for the approximately 300,000 veterans in Nevada. In Congress, he led on legislation, like the Putting Our Veterans Back to Work Act, to reduce veteran unemployment by training veterans for careers in high-demand occupations. He pushed the Veterans Administration to speed up the construction of the Community Based Outreach Clinic in Pahrump, which is now open and providing essential services. He will also advocate for legislation to protect veterans’ and survivors’ benefits, end homelessness, provide mental health assistance, and ensure the VA has the resource to fully take care of the men and women who served our country.


PO Box 336664, North Las Vegas, NV 89033