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Steven Horsford thanks his voters, his wife and family following his reelection.

A Message from Steven Horsford

As your representative, I'm a strong advocate for expanding affordable healthcare, lowering prescription costs, creating economic opportunity for all, and funding and implementing job training programs that will help get Nevadans the skills they need to succeed in life and at work. 

Throughout the last year, I've been laser-focused on crushing the COVID-19 virus to save lives, getting Nevadans safely back to work, and restoring faith in our public institutions, including the courts, our schools, and the integrity of our voting process. Through passing laws such as the CARES Act, the Family and First Responders Act, and the American Rescue Plan, I've delivered direct economic relief to Nevada households, small businesses, and communities in every corner of District 4. And I was proud to help pass a bipartisan infrastructure and jobs law that creates thousands of good-paying jobs in Nevada. I also supported legislation to fund Nevada's schools and invest in job-training programs, so our schools remain open, parents and teachers have the support they need, and Nevada's schoolchildren can gain the skills to succeed. 


Together, we can build a brighter future for ALL OF US. My goal is to ensure every person and every community can thrive, and I can't thank you enough for joining our effort in this work. 


Thanks for submitting!

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Opportunity for All of Us

I spent a decade leading the Culinary Training Academy, our state's largest career training program. I understand that to get ahead, it starts with the skills and education we acquire and each of our lived experiences that determine our quality of life and exposure to economic opportunities. This is especially critical as we recover from a global health pandemic that impacted so many hardworking Nevada families who have struggled to make ends meet.  In Congress, I have worked for economic initiatives to expand job training and apprenticeship programs, fund our K-12 schools so they remain open and provide real world supports to students, parents and teachers, delivered financial aid to more than 100,000 Nevada small businesses to keep their doors open and their workers on the job - creating jobs and economic opportunity that includes all of us. 

I know that Nevadans are struggling to get ahead because of the rising costs of living - on everything from gas to housing, to food, to child care. That's why I helped pass an expanded Child Tax Credit that put, on average, $440 in the pockets of 97 percent of families in my district. That tax break and a plan to save each household thousands of dollars per year by lowering the cost of prescription drugs, health insurance, child care and energy bills are real solutions that can bring down costs for every Nevada household. 

With gas prices rising, Nevada households need relief now. That's why I am cracking down on oil companies that are gouging consumers and making record profits, while people pay higher gas prices at the pump. I wrote and am working to pass the SAVE Act that will provide a $300 a month tax credit to individuals that own a vehicle and would be paid for by holding big oil accountable to pay a windfall tax for the record profits they've earned on the backs of working people who earn less than $400,000 a year. 

Rental rates in southern Nevada have also increased nearly 30 percent over the past year. That's why I voted to pass the American Rescue Plan that provided essential housing assistance and funding to Nevada. Recently, the Home Means Nevada Initiative was launched with the single largest investment in affordable housing from $500 million in funding I voted to approve. While we work to bring affordable housing to fruition in every community, we need to do everything we can now to stabilize rental prices so seniors, families, and working people are able to stay in their homes. 

I'm willing to work with anyone, on either side of the aisle, to solve problems for my constituents. My Republican colleagues haven't met us halfway so we can solve these problems together.

Health Care

The COVID-19 virus laid bare the problems that still plague our healthcare system, and it disproportionately impacted women and communities of color, who experienced higher rates of infection, death, and long-term health issues. That's why I worked to deliver funding so no one pays out-of-pocket to get tested or received access to the vaccine or treatment. No family should experience a financial hardship because of COVID-19 that would make them vulnerable to debt collectors or bankruptcy. 

Health care is personal to me. I live with a pre-existing condition and underwent major heart surgery several years ago. I have continually worked to lower the cost of health care for Nevadans. I have introduced legislation to cap out-of-pocket costs for Medicare beneficiaries and provide dental insurance to cover preventative care, routine treatments, and dentures if needed. For families, I have championed legislation to close the coverage gap and make healthcare more affordable for parents who work part-time or are in job training. 

While in Congress, I have stood up against big pharmaceutical companies who oppose efforts to cap insulin at $35 per month and Republicans who have tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act. I have also protected Medicaid expansion at every opportunity because I know when we help everyone gain access to critical health services, it helps all of us. 


I understand that to succeed in today's economy, we must adequately fund and support our local schools to provide all children an equitable education. That's why I helped make sure that students could safely return to the classroom by securing more than $1 billion in funding for Nevada's K-12 schools when we need it most. And I'm working to ensure accountability so every dollar is used as intended - to provide after-school tutoring, summer school, and additional mental health and educational resources in our schools and communities to help every child succeed and to give parents the support they need and to pay our teachers and education professionals the wages their worth. 

Every young person coming out of high school, whether they're headed to college or into the workforce, must have access to the education and training that will help them achieve a successful life and build a successful career. While in Congress, I have pushed to make college tuition more affordable and delivered record investment in vocational training programs so that the next generation gains the skills and knowledge that they need to prosper. And I'm working to make apprenticeships, trade schools, and college more accessible to all students and to address the rising amount of student debt and canceling at least $15,000 of college debt. 

Reducing Crime and Gun Violence

I know firsthand the traumatic toll that gun violence takes on our families and communities. My father was killed in a random act of gun violence when I was 19 years old.

I believe this is not an issue that should be used as a political wedge or culture war between the parties, and we can both reduce crime in our neighborhoods and prevent more lives from being taken from senseless gun violence. That's why I introduced the Break the Cycle of Violence Act, which would invest in local violence prevention programs that build safe communities. Evidence proves that when we work with community and faith-based leaders and invest in summer jobs for teenagers and young adults, we can both reduce crime and save lives at the same time. My legislation also funds hospital-based services to deter retaliation when gun violence sadly does occur. 

Photograph by The Bureau of Land Management is licensed under CC BY 

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