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About Our Campaign

Meet Steven

A Community Leader fighting for his fellow hard working Nevadans.

Steven's Story

Steven Horsford was born and raised in Las Vegas and has dedicated his life to advocating for his community. As the son of a single mother, he worked multiple jobs to help support his younger siblings and was the first in his family to attend college. He later led the state's largest career training program at Nevada's Culinary Training Academy, where he helped train and place thousands of Nevadans in good-paying jobs in the hospitality and other in-demand industries. He then later founded his own job-training company.

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A Man of the People

In 2004, Steven won a seat in the Nevada Senate and quickly rose to the rank of Senate Majority Leader. While in the Senate, he spearheaded the effort to work across party lines to solve the state’s worst budget crisis. 


In 2012, Steven won his election in the newly created 4th Congressional District. He never forgets where he comes from, which is why he is focused on bringing down the cost of living and creating opportunities for all of us.

Working for Nevadans Everyday

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While in office, Steven has passed legislation to make housing more affordable, bring down the cost of prescription drugs, and give Nevada families a tax cut while securing funding for Nevada's schools and investing in job-training programs. 

During the pandemic, Steven delivered relief checks to working families and assistance to Nevada's small businesses, while helping thousands of Nevadans stay in their homes. Now he's helped pass an infrastructure plan that creates thousands of good-paying jobs in Nevada. 

What We've Achieved 

As your representative in congress, Steven has:


Introduced the SAVE Act to give Nevadans a $300 a month tax credit for Gas.

Provides a $300 monthly tax credit to offset historically high gas prices.


Helped pass the Inflation Reduction act to lower Nevadans costs

Lower prescription drug prices: empowering Medicare to negotiate the price of prescription drugs, preventing excessive price hikes and capping seniors’ out-of-pocket drug costs at $2,000


Working towards fixing the housing manipulation with the HOME Act

This piece of legislation would prevent out of state investors from buying up large amounts of housing and raising the rent 30%. Im fighting for Nevadans to be able to live the american dream and be able to own a home.


Passed a new law that helps Seniors and families lower prescription costs.

Seniors and families will save thousands of dollars a year because this bill allows Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices.


Provided working families with an expanded Child Tax credit in 2021

This legislation was critical to the American Plan Act and provided $3,000 - $3,600 per child to nearly all working families in Nevada in monthly payments over the course of the last 6 months of 2021.

Support Steven's Reelection

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Elect a Democrat that fights for you, putting People over Politics.

Steven's campaign is 100% people-powered.

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