PO Box 336664, North Las Vegas, NV 89033


STEVEN HORSFORD: Fighting For All Of Us

Steven Horsford is a proven champion for Nevada’s working families. Steven is running for Congress to stand up to the reckless agenda of Donald Trump and the Congressional Republicans that is hurting our families. They voted to take health care away from millions, passed a tax scheme to benefit the richest among us, and undermine our basic American freedoms. Enough is enough.

Nevadans want and deserve something better from our government. Steven is running so our voices can be heard and we can make government start working for the people again.

Responsibility and Perseverance 

Steven understands the challenges many families in Nevada’s Fourth face each and everyday.  He will fight for responsible gun control and background checks because he lost his father when he was 19 and empathizes with those who have experienced the pain of losing a loved one to gun violence. Like others in Nevada’s 4th, he understands the overcoming challenges.  He will work tirelessly to end the school to prison pipeline and provide the safety net children and families need to succeed. Serving together, Steven and his wife Sonya, have worked to strengthen children, families and communities because they know - family matters.  

Expanding Opportunity 

For more than a decade, Steven led the Culinary Academy and Nevada Partners, the largest job training program in Nevada, helping thousands of workers find good jobs and quality careers in hospitality, healthcare and technology. A unique partnership between labor and business, the Culinary Academy under Steven’s leadership placed 80 percent of graduates into good paying jobs, including thousands of unemployed, laid off and underemployed Nevadans, even in the darkest days of the recession.  


Winning The Tough Fights 

Steven made history as Nevada’s first African American State Senate Majority Leader and he delivered. Steven took on big polluters to pass the "Clean Energy Jobs Initiative" and make Nevada a leader in renewable energy. When Nevada’s economy was devastated during the recession, Steven worked across party lines to solve the worst budget crisis in state history. 


While representing Nevadans in our nation's capital, Steven worked to ensure veterans, seniors citizens, and all Nevadans received the benefits they deserved, authored and passed the Nevada Lands Bill to create jobs across the state, and fought to protect a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions.


Running a Small Business

Now Steven runs his own small business, learning first hand the challenges small business owners face.  Steven continued to focus on creating job training opportunities for workers and underserved communities. A devoted family man, Steven has built a strong family with his wife, Sonya Horsford, and their three children.