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Meet Steven Horsford

I was born and raised in Las Vegas and have dedicated my life to advocating for our community and creating opportunities for all. For several years, I led the state's largest job training program, helping people across our community get to work and earn a good paycheck. That experience drives my work every day in Congress, putting Nevadans first.

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Healthcare Access

While in Congress, Steven stood up against pharmaceutical companies opposing efforts to cap insulin at $35 per month and Republicans who tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Now, thousands of Nevadans will see their annual prescription drug costs capped at $2,000 a year, and the price of some of the costliest medications will be negotiated to save them even more.

Reproductive Freedom

Women should be free to make health care decisions with their doctors. Thanks to existing state laws, Nevadans were protected when the Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade.

However, Steven knows all that is at risk if MAGA extremists pass a national abortion ban and restrict IVF treatments and contraception.

Climate Change

Steven believes tackling the climate crisis is crucial for our health, economy, and security. He voted to clean up polluted sites in Nevada, replace school and commuter buses with zero-emission vehicles, and invest in solar energy for homes. These actions reduce energy costs and create good-paying jobs for Nevada families.

Public Safety

Everyone deserves good policing and safe neighborhoods, which is why Steven stands with our law enforcement. He has consistently voted for legislation that funds local law enforcement and secured community project funding for training and equipment. This helps reduce crime, break the cycle of violence, and save lives.


Steven knows our immigration system is broken and has fought to pass comprehensive reform that creates paths to legal status and invests in the staffing needed to ensure people have access to our legal immigration system.

Social Security

While MAGA extremists focus on dismantling Social Security, Steven is fighting to protect, expand, and improve benefits for all Nevadans. That is why he joined his colleagues in introducing the Social Security 2100 Act — groundbreaking legislation that will increase Social Security benefits for seniors and keep the system strong and available for future generations.

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