Steven Horsford thanks his voters, his wife and family following his reelection.

A Message from Steven Horsford

We won. 
But we can't stop now.


We only have a five-seat majority in the house, and the GOP is coming after Nevada’s Fourth Congressional district. Keeping Democrats in control of the US House means we can pass legislation to help working families in Nevada and across America. As your Representative, I’ve been an advocate for expanding affordable healthcare, economic opportunity for all, and job programs that will help get Americans back to work. 

Throughout the last year, I’ve also been laser-focused on crushing the Covid-19 virus in its tracks. By supporting social distancing, capacity limits, and vaccine shots, we are moving towards reviving our nation in the safest way possible. Furthermore, through legislation such as the CARES Act and the American Recuse Plan, we’ve brought direct economic relief to working families, small businesses, and communities across the country.


Together, we can build back better and continue to work for a brighter future for everyone. My goal is to help advance an America where all families can thrive and I can’t thank you enough for joining me in this mission. 


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Opportunity For All

I understand that the fundamentals of good governing start with economic opportunity for all.  This is especially critical now that a global health pandemic has impacted so many hardworking Nevadan families who are now struggling to make ends meet.  Through my advocacy in Congress for economic initiatives such as small business loan programs or the decade I spent leading the state’s largest career training program, I have dedicated my career to helping Nevadan families succeed. 



Training Programs and College Tuition


Every young person coming out of high school, whether they’re headed to college or into the workforce,  should have access to the educational supports that will help them build a successful career. While in Congress, I have pushed to make college tuition more affordable and pushed for more investment in vocational training programs so that the next generation gain the skills and knowledge that they need to prosper.


Health Care and COVID-19

COVID-19 has forced many Nevadans out of work and find themselves needing to adjust to a new reality. Hard-working families should be focused on putting food on the table and providing for their families rather than if they'll be able to protect themselves from COVID-19. Our small businesses are a critical part of our economy and it is more important than ever to provide relief to these businesses for COVID-19. Moreover, while in Congress, I have fought every attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act to ensure that millions of Americans can stay insured. I have also protected Medicaid expansion at every opportunity available because I believe we must be helping our most vulnerable populations to gain access to important services.

Gun Control

We need a comprehensive approach to gun safety legislation. I know first-hand the toll that gun violence can take on our families and community, since when I was 19 years old my own family was affected my gun violence.

Photograph by The Bureau of Land Management is licensed under CC BY